We see our clients as collaborative partners in the process of content creation.

We endeavor to make each collaboration go as smoothly as possible, while delivering an extraordinary level of professional service and creative output. No work starts without a signed contract, in which we agree to clear expectations, dates, and fees.

Our goal is to engage your audiences on a deeper level, intellectually, visually and emotionally. This intimate conversation leads to an increased connection and conversion rate.

We want to be sure our values are in alignment with the people we work with. Those values include respect, integrity, honesty and communication. Our intention is for our work to help build connections to make organizations and communities stronger and healthier.

Adrian Montgomery

I started this company to combine my artist passion for videography, editing, and photography, with my many years of project management experience. Over the years I have learned that the foundation for success in business is integrity, communication, and service. I bring all these things to every project Distant Peak Productions is involved in.

Polly Washburn

I've used film, words and the web to help individuals and organizations tell their stories for two decades now. My most recent feature film, Passionflower, spent three years at festivals winning awards, then went on to Canadian television and digital streaming worldwide. I served as a line producer, production manager, assistant director and script supervisor for film; associate producer and writer for a television travel show; and as a news journalist and editor. I have created dozens of websites and digital marketing campaigns for small businesses, non-profit organizations, university departments, artists of all kinds, film promotions and event marketing.